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for Teens

Getting traditional braces as a teen can be an unpleasant experience. With the long list of foods they can no longer consume, the sports they can no longer play, and the more complicated oral hygiene routine they will need to implement, metal braces come with a number of new restrictions and difficulties. Even so, many teens would be able to tolerate these changes if there wasn’t one huge downside—everyone can tell that they have braces, a.k.a. “metal mouth.” we can provide an Invisalign Teen treatment plan that works for your teen, without interrupting their life or risking their confidence.

Many parents are concerned that choosing Invisalign puts a lot of responsibility on the teen to ensure they wear them often enough and don’t lose them. However, this is not an issue for many teens. The benefits and added responsibilities of Invisalign far outweigh the limited positives of braces.

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