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for Travelers

Traveling with Invisalign is easy! As long as you have a plan in place, it won’t be any more difficult than keeping up with treatment at home.

Here are some of our tips for stress-free traveling with Invisalign:

  • Tell Us About Your Plans in Advance. By giving Dr. Martos a heads up before your travel, this will give our team the ability to best adapt to your needs.

  • Have a Plan if You Lose Your Aligners. Dr. Martos techniques makes loss of aligners much less likely.  Keep your next and prior set of aligners in your carryon in case your luggage gets lost. If yours go missing, give us a call.

  • Pack an Invisalign Travel Kit. Make sure all of your supplies are in an easy-to-carry bag. Some things you may want to pack in your kit include: case for Invisalign trays, extra trays, travel toothbrush and paste, rubber bands and denture tablets.

  • If you move out of florida to another state,  Dr. Martos will connect you with AACA member to continue the supervision your treatment. 

                ALWAYS KEEP  "ALL "  YOUR ALIGNERS


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