My Smile Miami is delighted to announce the addition of The Fotona LightWalker Technology, under the leadership of Dr. Grisel Martos. This revolutionary laser technology offers precision and performance during dental treatments such as cavity preparation, enamel removal, carious dentine removal and crown lengthening – all while managing to minimize thermal damage and patient comfort during longer procedures. As a testament to its excellence in design, LightWalker features an array of easy-to-use operating modes and advanced delivery systems for superior laser treatment efficacy. Of particular note is its patented QSP (quantum square pulse) mode which further boosts safety, speed and clinical results. With this technological breakthrough from Fotona, My Smile Miami stands at the forefront of dental care excellence.


What are the benefits of The Fotona LightWalker Laser?

Fotona lasers offer dentists and patients a modern dental experience by providing state-of-the-art technology that enhances the smile, offers minimally invasive treatment, provides painless care, offers precise treatment and promotes faster healing times–all without any noise. With the LightWalker system, our dentists have the ability to address bacterial infections that affect the gums with TwinLight® Periodontal Treatment (TPT), or stimulate bone growth for those who already have implants or are preparing for implant treatment. The Fotona LightWalker Laser provides Dr. Grisel and the team at My Smile Miami a tool that will create a faster and more efficient process when handling your dentistry needs.

How does The Fotona LightWalker Laser Work?

The Fotona LightWalker laser is a revolutionary technology that is setting the gold standard for laser treatments. This efficient and precise laser uses pre-programmed settings to ensure accuracy for each treatment and gives dentists more control than ever before. Not only is the LightWalker more accurate, but thanks to its non-invasive treatments, patients can expect an unparalleled level of comfort while undergoing their procedures. To make matters even better, the laser’s connected machinery helps speed up the process by providing exact measurements and other related information while ensuring that any mistakes are minimized or eliminated entirely. Thanks to Fotona’s advanced LightWalker technology, today’s laser treatments are simpler, more effective, and more comfortable than ever before.

The Fotona LightWalker Laser treatment is a non invasive procedure that can provide outstanding results with minimal healing time. Its advanced technology uses light to pass through tissue without causing damage, resulting in an extremely quick recovery for patients. At My Smile Miami, our experts will discuss the different downtime associated with each treatment, so you can plan accordingly and get back to your daily routine as soon as possible. With this type of high-tech and minimally invasive laser treatment, you won’t have to take days off work or put your life on hold while you heal – the Fotona LightWalker Laser will have you looking and feeling great at lightning speed!